On the Issues

On the Issues

Denise D. Grant provides quick and decisive leadership to protect Lauderhill’s residents while looking for the best approaches to handle our city’s toughest issues.

Business & Commerce

Lauderhill is a city on the move with so much untapped potential. As your Mayor, I will continue to work with City Staff to attract new businesses to our city, while investing in our city’s already vibrant commercial sector.  I will,

  • Work with the CRA for redevelopment and to attract new restaurants, small businesses and shopping centers.
  • Support efforts to create an “Entertainment District” in Lauderhill, attracting consumers who would otherwise go to Downtown Fort Lauderdale.
  • Partner with existing businesses in Lauderhill to create more workforce development opportunities for young adults and struggling families.

Public Safety

As your Mayor, I will continue to work to bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and our community, creating a “main-street” police force that engages with the community. I will,

  • Support the Police by investing more funds to combat crime, including property crimes and burglary conveyances.
  • Support additional patrol teams in high risk areas.
  • Create and support programs for young adults and adolescents to engage with the police, including a Youth Academy.

Property Taxes

Lauderhill has one of the highest property tax rates in Broward County, and while there are plenty of services available for the community, there is more we can do for our residents to see the value in living and owning a business here. I will work with city officials to lower the mileage rate while providing a sound quality of life, help seniors take advantage of homestead tax exemptions, and work with legislators to lower taxes. Additionally, I support participatory budgeting, allowing citizens more access and engagement with the city’s budget process.


Our children’s education will continue to be among my top priority as your Mayor. I will advocate for our public schools, by working with the district and engaging with school officials directly. The City of Lauderhill has a role to play in ensuring that our children’s schools are well-funded, safe, and structurally sound.

Quality of Life

I will work to exponentially increase our residents’ quality of life, by:

  • Investing in infrastructure projects, such as road & streetscape improvements, water quality projects, landscaping, and addressing traffic congestion & traffic signal synchronization.
  • Supporting our seniors with community service projects, and social programs.
  • Creating entertainment programs for our community


Lauderhill needs major investments to keep our city as pristine as we all want it to be. That is why I will continue to sponsor community clean-up projects, while also taking on pollution and illegal dumping in the city. Furthermore, canals and waterways are a beautiful sight renowned to the entire county. We must all do our part to keep them clean and make sure we invest in infrastructure that protects our canal-banks from erosion.