Efficient transportation must be a priority, to ensure that our residents and tourists can get to and from work and home. While Broward County has taken big steps forward through the Penny Sales Tax, that is just the beginning of the massive changes we must make to transportation.

  • Buses
    Firstly, we must expand our bus fleet, investing in greener and more efficient buses and, we must look at establishing more bus routes for our residents to ensure a faster, more accessible bus system.
  • Commuter Rail
    The Tri-Rail System and Brightline are great methods of transportation for our residents. We need to expand access to these rail options, by working to create more destinations and partnering with the private sector.
  • Alternate Modes of Transportation
    Buses and trains can’t be the only reliable mode of transportation for our residents. Alternative transportation options, like bikes and scooters, can be a benefit to our residents. That is why I will partner with the private sector to achieve this.
  • Airport Transit
    More transit options are necessary to ensure that residents and visitors can get to and from our Airport. I will work with stakeholders to expand access to transit from key destinations, such as the beach, the airport, malls, transit centers, and popular commercial destinations.